MONDAY:   A strong open appears to be ahead after a brutal final 2 days to the previous week. Surprisingly, that strong open higher looks as if it may come even while oil heads sharply lower. Is that signaling a return to their normal relationship, finally?

TUESDAY:   Yesterday was a pleasant surprise as the market didn’t succeed in its attempts to squander its early gains. Today’s GDP may be a true test of what traders really are thinking, as the market inches toward the end of the year and is still 2% in the hole

WEDNESDAY:  The string of triple digit moves looks like it may have a chance of continuing as the early futures trading is heading in the right direction and trying to eke out a gain for the S&P 500 in 2015

THURSDAY: Another strong day yesterday and suddenly this week is the tonic to last week’s terrible ending. Trading comes to an end early today, as does the week and markets are  preparing for a quiet session









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